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Brilliant download is a scam. When I was searching for a certain ebook, their website claimed to have it.

After paying $3.00 I was redirected to their home page and after searching for the title I was expecting they had, it sent me to a google search. I contacted their customer service and was told that their website shows items that were once available by other websites. They lied to get my credit card info. They clearly stated in the beginning that I could download the book I needed now.

They refused to return my payment. I know it was only $3.00 but it is still infuriating.

Reason of review: Item did not exist as advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I woke up to a charge from who easy. No idea who they even are! Took $21.00 from my account

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #1271221

It is true.


Out of desperation to find a book I fell for the scam...Paid $3.00 then was charged $39.89 a few days later. Should know in a day or so if the refund the $39.89. Don't really care about the 3 bucks....


I have just blocked my card and got a new one since I did not want to run the risk to be charged by them in the future.

I would advice to people who had the same experience to do the same!

to Anonymous #1093664

Actually, over 99.999% of the public would have NOT fallen for this OBVIOUS scam...

The fact that you were dumb enough to does NOT mean others need your "advice".... Lmao


Hello, I have paid for my subscription on this *** scam website. How can I cancel it?

I've only paid 1,99$ for now but I'm scared I will be accredited more. Please help me!


I had the same experience.

However, the next day they proceeded to deduct $40 from my card for a 1 month subscription, this in spite of providing absolutely nothing of value in return!

Stay away!


LOL !!! for $39,95 the site redirect me to a google search.

Best ebook membership plan ever (sarc off). The $3 test ride for 3 days got me over the fence though...


Oh, thank you very much google for helping those scumbags to fool us. Scam service. Claim to have an e-book and then redirect search lol.


thanks for the info


I just signed up right now but i couldn't log in, so i searched why i couldn't get in so i saw all the bad reviews i had and i contacted them and told them to cancel my account. Would they cancel it?

to fer #1051243

They'll probably cancel it but if you already gave them your credit card info they will take their $3.00 first. I'd keep emailing them til you get a response


thank you for telling us :)


Yes, I had the same problem. Do not give them your credit card information.


That's all the same happened to me but I am afraid to get my credit card information to get illegally my money from it can they do it ?????????? Please answer me

to Anonymous #1046397

Once I contacted their customer service and told them to cancel the account no more charges were issued on my account. It's also good to contact your bank and tell them not to accept any charges from this scam website


Did the same scam to me. After paying I couldn't find the movie they were advertising.

to Lifera #1039067

Hi how you managed to cancel your account? Please tell me because i made the same mistakes today.


Just had the same thing happen to me...they cancelled the subscription but didn't refund the joining fee...after claiming they had the manual I was looking for....don't get fooled...this is a scam...contact there customer services to ensure you will receive download before parting with any cash....


brilliantdownload.com is a scam and google is helping them.

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